About ReSQueL

Your professional database relation.

ReSQueL is established January 1st 2007 as a service provider for Microsoft SQL Server. ReSQueL focuses on the product SQL Server and offer its services independent of market and line of business. Based on this approach, ReSQueL is able to offer innovative, creative and secure solutions to your organization.

The name ReSQueL is an aggregation of "Resources and rescue for SQL server", basically short what ReSQueL has to offer. The name ReSQueL is pronounced as ress-que-ell.


Stan Segers

As former network-, system- and database administrator at Tulip Computers and technical trainer at NewLevel, Stan has a wealth of knowledge and experience in SQL Server, including the technical and business environments where SQL Server makes its appearance. In 2006 he has decided to put full focus on SQL Server, particularly the 2005 version, which has lead to the establishment of ReSQueL.

SQL de Basis

In order to substantiate his skills in SQL Server and network infrastructure, Stan is in the possession of a number of Microsoft certifications, including:

  • MCSE (E as in Engineer)
  • MCTS: SQL Server 2005 & 2008, SQL Server 2005 & 2008 Business Intelligence, Windows Server 2008
  • MCITP: Database Administrator, Business Intelligence Developer
  • MCSA: SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012 (A as in Associate)
  • MCSE: Data Platform, Business Intelligence (E as in Expert)

Furthermore as a trainer, Stan holds the MCT status and is the author of the book SQL de basis (available in Dutch).


SQL Server ReSQueL offers a variety of services for SQL Server (7.0 and up). These services include:

  • advice
  • implementation (installation, migration, administration)
  • development
  • documentation
  • training

ReSQueL offers the combination of these services to fit your needs, for a good solution is tailor made.

For example, should your organization want to purchase a new finance and sales system, in many cases SQL Server will be one of the available database platforms to host this software. This may also raise some immediate questions;

  • Is SQL Servers the best choice for your organization and which version (or which alternatives) should you chose?
  • Can your administrators administer this system?
  • Is all information you need from the system readily available?
  • What about business continuity in the event something goes wrong?

ReSQueL can help you find answers to those questions and take on the included challenges. Services that might apply in this scenario are: advice, outsourcing of administration, training of your staff, implementing and documenting high availability solutions, development (integration of SQL Server Business Intelligence features). The answers will depend on your situation, possibilities and wishes.

Would you like to know what ReSQueL could do for you, please contact ReSQueL.


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