# Monday, May 7, 2007

Yep, the revisions are out. Today I checked the Microsoft Learning site for the 2779 and 2780. The 2779afinal.mspx page was redirected to the 2779bfinal.mspx. Same thing for the course 2780. Both courses are now 5 instead of 3 days!

  • What's changed on the 2779b;
    • Module 5 2779a is split in two, one about data integrity with constraints and one about data integrity based on triggers and XML schemas
    • Module 8 2779a is split in two, stored procedures and functions now have their own modules
  • New content on 2779b;
    • Module on transactions and locks
    • Module on Notification Services

What's changed on the 2780b? If you look at the syllabus, you would be tempted to say nothing. But when you look inside, content is rewritten (and improved) like I mentioned for Cryptography. Also, there are no extra modules, but since it needed over 4 days to properly teach the old course, there was no need for extra content anyway.

Also be advised that Microsoft Learning is working on an Instructor Led Training for 2778 (currently only available as eLearning). I'll keep you posted on that one as well.

When you compare the course offerings to the exam 70-431, I'm missing content on the HTTP-Endpoints in 2779b. Therefor I will add a module on HTTP-Endpoints for my deliveries of the 2779.