# Thursday, December 6, 2007

One of the things that surface in module 2 of the 2780B course are the predefined reports you can use to get more info on what your system is doing. Good thing is, you can run these directly from Management Studio without Reporting Services. Bad thing, you don’t know what the reports are showing exactly (as in, you don’t know the report definition). That is, we can find out what the reports show since Microsoft released the report definitions, so you can reproduce what the report is showing. Also in Service Pack 2, Microsoft introduced the option to create your own custom reports… and that is just what one of the Microsoft Support Engineers did (performance dashboard). One of the community members also noticed and blogged about this new option and created his own DBA_Dashboard full of useful metrics. Thanks Greg, the effort is much appreciated, do keep up the good work for the next version.

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