# Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fresh from the often delayed "SQL Server 2008 and Your Certifications", first session.

MCDBA will retire march 2009, no direct upgrade from MCDBA to a SQL Server 2008 certification.

70-446 will be superseded by 70-448 (~August 2008), 70-431 will be split in an Administration exam 70-432 (~August 2008) and 70-433 (~September 2008) for Development. So be ready for the following titles:

  • 70-432, MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance
  • 70-433, MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Database Development
  • 70-448, MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance

MCITP's can probably upgrade the MCTS and MCITP in a single upgrade exam. No timelines on the professional level exams yet.

MCA Databases is available, targeted at OLTP... Business Intelligence is under consideration.

Blogs to watch for more info on SQL Server 2008 Certifications:

Thursday, March 6, 2008 9:53:34 AM (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)
So what is your opinion? Does it make sense to wait for splitted exams or take 70-431 in next few months? How big is diff between SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 on this basic level?
Saturday, March 8, 2008 11:08:38 PM (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)
The answer would depend on the situation. In my opinion, for each of the following questions you answer with yes, it makes more sense to wait for the SQL Server 2008 exam(s).
1. Do you only need to show your skill in one (dev of admin) of the disciplines?
2. Is your employer / customer-base broad in usage of versions or even platforms(like SQL Server 2000 and 2005, maybe some Oracle, MySQL, etc. along with it)?
3. Is time (or priority) to study an issue.

That said (with a yes to all answers), it is worthwile preparing for SQL Server 2008, based on SQL Server 2005 (like take the 2780B course if you want to prepare for 70-432). Having that kind of knowledge (and experience) under the hood, you'd just have to examine the prep-guide once it is published and pick the corresponding subjects from the MS-website (http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2008/en/us/learning.aspx).

On the other hand, if you are very serious in learning about SQL Server (or any other product); An administrator who know about development makes a better administrator, like a developer who knows about administration makes a better developer (I guess this is what Microsof thad in mind when they slated 70-431).
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